Working in France

About me

My name is Kathryn Bohme, I am a bilingual English woman, living in France since 2003.  I worked for 7 years here as an estate agent, getting to know a great deal about French law in the process.  I have learned to find my way around French bureaucracy, and can advise on many of the administrative steps when you set yourself up in France, on a personal and/or a business level.

I started teaching English to French people, and occasionally French to English people in 2010, and set up my own business doing so in 2011.  I have been called upon to help a number of English-speaking friends over the years, interpreting at the notaire’s, helping with administrative requirements, accompanying people to the doctor’s or hospital etc.  I have, therefore, decided to do this on a more formal basis, via my auto-entrepreneur business.